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Investing in the district of Düren

As a site for business and technology, the district of Düren combines a traditionally strong SME sector and world-leading companies with an innovative university and science landscape. The central location in the west Rhineland offers unique growth potential in the residential and working sectors, and with the coal phase-out, one of the largest lake landscapes in Europe will be created in coming decades. In the district of Düren as part of the booming regions of Aachen and Cologne/Bonn, this perspective is already triggering a diversity of positive growth effects. Institutional as well as private investors will find optimum conditions for their development projects.

Future Mobility Park Aldenhoven: the future location for tomorrow’s mobility

The mobility of tomorrow is being developed at Aldenhoven. The structural change presents the municipality of Aldenhoven with a unique opportunity to sustainably research, design and develop the mobility of the future and to implement it across methods of transport.

Aldenhoven exposé

A prime greenfield site – “Über Rur” tourist development area in the town of Heimbach

A jewel of particular value is situated in the middle of the countryside, surrounded by nature reserves and directly next to the Eifel National Park, in the immediate vicinity of the castle and Heimbach town centre. Here an investor can develop a new tourist highlight on a greenfield site together with the Heimbach administration.

Heimbach exposé

The industrial estate in the countryside – the municipality of Hürtgenwald combines business with the advantages of the Eifel National Park

The Hürtgenwald location offers plenty of open space in the countryside and tourist highlights nearby. In the new industrial estate in Vossenack, the municipality is creating a cross-sector business location that is particularly attractive for small and mid-sized companies.

Hürtgenwald exposé

Climate-resilient and energy-efficient: the Nierstein urban neighbourhood development area in Jülich

To the west of Jülich’s town centre, Jülich urban development and the town of Jülich are planning a modern urban neighbourhood that will characterise the entrance to the town. Its nearness to the heritage-listed Nierstein estate gives the new urban area its name.

Jülich exposé

Langerwehe – tradition and local recreation come together with industry and modernity

As part of the comprehensive structural change in the Rhenish lignite mining area, the entire reception building of Langerwehe train station is now to be renovated and given new uses as an entrance gate to Indeland, as it will play an important role as a transport hub for Indeland in the future.

Langerwehe exposé

Titz – living at the foot of the Sophienhöhe

A new development plan area is located in Rödingen, the second largest settlement in the rural municipality of Titz. The aim of the plans is to establish sustainable living space for owner-occupiers and especially families. The urban development concept currently envisages a mix on an area of 8.5 hectares mainly consisting of detached and semi-detached houses.

Titz exposé

Vettweiß – expansion of the industrial estate and designation of further resident areas

For the future the Vettweiß municipality is planning additional commercial development areas in addition to residential areas in all localities. A secure supply structure and the expansion of a fibre-optic network offer the fundamental prerequisites required by a contemporary attractive residential and commercial location.

Vettweiß exposé

Commercial location in the Cologne suburbs

In the Gypenbusch commercial and industrial estate, the municipality of Nörvenich is creating a future-oriented area for small businesses, mid-sized companies and subsidiaries of large corporations. The site in the district of Düren features optimal transport connections and short distances to the Cologne/Bonn and Aachen conurbations.

Nörvenich exposé

Energy and digitalisation: Brainergy Park Jülich

A showcase project for structural change in the Rhenish mining area: the Brainergy Park Jülich combines energy, digitalisation and agricultural technology. Right next to cutting-edge research, an industrial estate is being created here as a vertical and horizontal decarbonisation hub in a model project unique to Germany.

Jülich exposé

Tradition and future: the HOESCH wetlands

The HOESCH company from Kreuzau is planning the urban restructuring of its traditional company site – in the scenic Ruraue to the south of Düren, a pleasant mix of sustainable living space and attractive office and business areas is being created near to the historic headquarters.

Kreuzau exposé