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“Seen & Entdecken” forum: municipalities present themselves

At Moltkestraße 39 in Düren, the “Seen & Entdecken” forum invites interested people to get to know the district of Düren and its municipalities. The towns and municipalities have been […]


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Welcome! Visit the One Stop Shop!

Registration: One Stop Shop // Registration Are you new in the district of Düren? Perhaps you have just moved into your new home, are about to move or are planning […]


Quality of life

Fast internet – on the pulse of the times

We’ve made sure of fast internet for everyone in the Düren district at an early stage. Good for you: private households, schools, businesses and institutions benefit from future-capable internet technology […]


Seen & Entdecken

Structural Change Manager for the district of Düren

Structural change has a multitude of facets. Martin Baumann is the Structural Change Manager for the district of Düren. He keeps an eye on the intermeshing of the various subject […]


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Why does the Düren district want to expand?

We’re 270,000 people at the moment and we want to become more, which is why we launched a growth campaign. Our target is a figure of 300,000+. What benefits do […]