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Seen & Entdecken

At Moltkestraße 39 in Düren, the “Seen & Entdecken” forum invites interested people to get to know the district of Düren and its municipalities. The towns and municipalities have been presenting themselves as part of a temporary exhibition since 1. September 2023.

The “Seen & Entdecken” forum taking place in Düren’s lively Bismarck Quarter is an appealing information and experience location for those wishing to find out more about the district of Düren, and those interested can find information, presentations, lectures, special events and exhibitions. The forum functions as a welcome centre for both new and future citizens, because there is much about the district that is interesting and worth knowing.

The inviting forum is the central location of the welcoming culture and the Welcome Centre provides guidance and advice, particularly for new citizens. Both inland and foreign people coming to live here can get advice on all the important matters that a move brings with it, such as housing options, educational facilities and childcare.

The temporary exhibition

Since 1. September 2023, the individual municipalities of the district of Düren can be discovered in a temporary exhibition. Each of the 15 municipalities presents itself over a time period of two months within a specially created exhibition area and with the help of multimedia.

There are digital presentations, information flyers on each town and municipality, and an appealing roll-up that summarises the individual flair of each municipality in a nutshell.

The exhibition always changes on the first day of each second month, meaning the particular spirit of the municipalities will be on view in the “Seen & Entdecken” forum for a total of 30 months – in a special exhibition.

A further highlight of the forum is the fascinating hydrogen information centre – the district of Düren is leading the way as a model region for hydrogen-powered, environmentally friendly methods of propulsion.

Visiting the “Seen & Entdecken” forum is always highly worthwhile – and entry is free.

“Seen & Entdecken” forum:

Moltkestraße 39

52351 Düren

Opening times

Mon.–Thurs. 10 am – 4 pm

Friday 10 am – 1 pm