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Seen & Entdecken

Quality of life

Fast internet – on the pulse of the times

We’ve made sure of fast internet for everyone in the Düren district at an early stage. Good for you: private households, schools, businesses and institutions benefit from future-capable internet technology […]


Seen & Entdecken

Nature and landscape in the green zone – thanks to eco-points

The district of Düren is undergoing positive change, and this can sometimes involve intervening into nature and the landscape. But no need to worry – we create a sustainable balance […]



“Seen & Entdecken” forum: municipalities present themselves

At Moltkestraße 39 in Düren, the “Seen & Entdecken” forum invites interested people to get to know the district of Düren and its municipalities. The towns and municipalities have been […]


Why the Düren district wants to grow

The largest lake district far and wide will be created here: we’re establishing one of the most attractive landscapes in Central Europe at the site of today’s open-cast lignite mines – with water sports facilities, several leisure activities and, perhaps, even a place for your house by the lake. Pioneers will benefit, so it pays to be quick!

Already today though, our fifteen towns and communities are a very good alternative to the major cities – although these are only a stone’s throw away. Between Cologne, Düsseldorf and Aachen, between the North Eifel and the Jülich Börde area, and on the banks of the Rur (and later three large lakes), a quality of life can be found that is sorely missed in the large cities.


Locating, Quality of life

Ten reasons why the Düren district is a great place to live

Those valuing high quality of life and good connections to Europe’s metropolises find the ideal location in the district of Düren. Here are ten reasons why not only young families […]



At the family festival in Brückenkopf Park, 8,000 visitors celebrate with the Düren district

The district of Düren. Lots of sparkling children’s eyes could be seen on Sunday, 11 September at the Brückenkopf Park in Jülich, where the district invited both young and old […]


Locating, Pursuing a career

Innovation and the future are our strengths

Stagnation is a term we are not familiar with. On the contrary – the district of Düren shapes the future. Climate protection, e-mobility and digitalisation – for us, these are […]


Pursuing a career

Travelling to the metropolis for work? No problem!

Moving away from the Düren district for a job? For Stefanie and Andres Bäker it was out of the question. The pair simply feel too much at home in the […]


Back home

Returning home

When her daughter was born, Yasmin Gruber turned her back on the city and came back to her home town in the district of Düren. She has not regretted the […]

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