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Adventure right on the doorstep but always well looked after – the district of Düren is the ideal place for growing up. Not only is there plenty of space to play and discover, but also free nursery places and a wide selection of schooling. Things couldn’t have gone better for the Schmitz family.

Eva and Timo Schmitz both spent a pleasant childhood in the Düren district, and they never moved away, even as adults. “We didn’t even think of moving somewhere else because we feel so comfortable here. The region has everything we want as a family – plenty of nature, fresh air and really good kindergartens and schools,” says Eva. The young mother appreciates the solidarity there as well. “The open and friendly nature of the people here is typical of the Rhineland and new people can quickly make friends. Everyone’s given a warm welcome. Whether children’s groups, sports or clubs, there’s still a sense of community and sticking together that’s been lost in many places in the towns and cities.”

Three questions for Eva and Timo

What do you need to really relax?

Actually, we’re already quite relaxed and we don’t need that much more. We’ve got lots of friends and family nearby, which means that children and our professions can be combined really well. If we do need support we can always find someone quickly. We practically never feel alone, and life here is simply more sociable.

What makes the district of Düren so family-friendly?

In the Düren district the overall package for families ticks all the boxes: houses and flats are affordable, children’s day-care centres are free and there’s also a wide range of educational and training opportunities. What’s more, we can always do something here without it costing a fortune. Oh yes, and the biggest adventure playground is right on the doorstep – the Eifel.

Where are your favourite places?

There are lots of them actually. When the weather’s good we’re almost always outdoors. We’re often drawn to hidden places that we don’t yet know very well. We can always recommend a visit to Nideggen Castle or a trip to the Indemann tower, and when the weather’s not good we like to go to the Monte Mare swimming pool in Kreuzau – our children love the pirate ship there and we like the spa facilities.